Powering innovation with advanced precision technology
Kinetic Ceramics transforms industries by creating cutting-edge tools with superior technology and advanced design.
Advanced Technology

Discover why Kinetic Ceramics is one of the world's leading multi-industry precision technology companies.  Every product we build demonstrates our commitment to uncompromised quality, innovative design and long-term value.

Precise & Powerful

Our proprietary Piezomotor®, made from PZWT-100 powder, is the highest performing piezoelectric actuator available on the market today. Over 20 years of research and development have been invested to create a material that provides up to 28,000 Newtons of force, 10 to 200 microns of displacement and precision movement at nanometer resolution.

Solving Customers Problems

From Formula One racing to Optical Film manufacturing, we've helped solve some of the toughest problems across a wide range of industries through the innovative application of piezo actuators. Whether it's high speed or high force you are looking for, our compact, precise and long-lasting products can meet your needs. 

Our products are built to last a lifetime. Tested for more than 10 billion cycles, our earliest actuators continue serving their original customers after decades of continuous use.

Kinetic Ceramics Piezomotor®

Kinetic Ceramics is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piezoelectric actuators and piezo-based products. Starting from basic powders, we create our Piezomotor® actuators using a proprietary process perfected over our long history. From bare actuators to fuel injectors, we've created thousands of different products and revolutionized numerous industries. In addition to basic piezo elements and actuators, we design and manufacture products which require:​

  • Fast Response Times

  • High Force

  • High Pressure

  • Compact Size

  • Exceptional Durability

  • Precise Control

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • High Displacement

Who We've Worked With

From Aerospace to Oil & Gas and everywhere in between. We've helped hundreds of customers successfully apply piezo technology to achieve their goals.





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