The KC-2105 is a compact lightweight and low cost self-powered accelerometer with fast response, a response range of 1 to 250,000 g's and high noise rejection. The unit contains our piezoelectric material which produces a voltage when stress is applied with response time related to the resonant frequency of the sensor.  This frequency is approximately 10 MHz and response time is less than 100 nS resulting from the rigid structure and small size.  The inertial mass can be altered, if desired, to tailor sensitivity for certain applications.


The output signal level is large and well filtered without giving up bandwidth. This is a basic feature resulting from the high capacitance of the sensing elements. The result is formidable dynamic range along with excellent noise immunity.


The high output level means that buffers and amplifier stages can often be eliminated. Since it is self powered, events can be recorded (launch impulse) by storing a charge on a capacitor before battery power becomes available and later interrogating to see if the proper impulse was obtained.

piezoelectric high G accelerometers



  • Response Time:  <100 nS

  • Voltage Sensitivity:  0.37 mV/g

  • Cross Axis Sensitivity:  <3%

  • Parallel Resistance:  >100MW

  • Isolation Resistance:  >100MW

  • Capacitance:  1.8 nF

  • Mass:  0.22 g

  • Operating Temperature Range:  -20°C / +100°C

  • Maximum Acceleration:  250,000 g's

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