Fast Tool Servos
Powered by Piezomotor®

Kinetic Ceramics' Fast Tool Servos (FTS) are
ultra-precision machine tools that offer unparalleled:


  • Speed

  • Precision

  • Accuracy

  • Reliability

  • Broad Frequency Range

Tool Servos
Travel up to 8μm at 20kHz
High-Speed Fast Tool Servos
Fast Tool Servos
Travel up to 800μm at 100Hz
High-Travel Fast Tool Servos
Fast Tool Servos Applications

Our FTS machines​ are compact and can be fitted to any lathe, including ultra-precision diamond turning machines to form a supplementary fast 'Z' axis. Kinetic Ceramics’ Fast Tool Servos are currently operating worldwide to support the manufacturing of:

  • Coupled with a single-point diamond lathe, Kinetic Ceramics’ FTS machines allow manufacturers to rapidly produce ultra-high precision asymmetric products.

  • Our High-Travel FTS machines are ideal for use in the turning and profiling of automotive pistons.

Ultra-Fast Tool Servos Machines
Travel up to 8μm at 20,000 Hz

Kinetic Ceramics' Ultra-FTS machines can create microfeatures up to 25 microns in size and reach speeds of 20,000 times a second.  These machines have gained rapid acceptance in the optical film manufacturing industry and are currently used by some of the world's largest LCD manufacturers to create premium display products.

Liquid Cooled with Temperature Monitoring
(Storage/Transport Temperatures: -20˚C to 45˚C)

Conduit Between Head/Control Chassis:
Length: 11m
Minimum Bend Radius: 6.5cm
(Power Cable, Cooling Lines + Thermocouple Leads)

Command Input:

Amplitude: 0 to 20 V Peak – Peak Max

16 V Peak – Peak Max @ 20kHz only

Frequency: 2 – 20kHz

Input Power:
120 VAC 50 – 60Hz, 2.0kVA or 220 VAC Factory Set


            Tool Head Size: 10.2cm x 6.4cm x 5.7cm

            Tool Head Weight: 2.0kg

            Control Cabinet: 55.9cm x 78.7cm x 5.7cm

High-Travel Fast Tool Servos Machines
Travel up to 800μm at 100 Hz

Kinetic Ceramics High-Travel FTS machines are the world's leading ultra-precision motion control machines. Our ultra-precision lathe fast tool servo systems have been placed in the field for high-volume production manufacturing of challenging and complex asymmetrical shapes, including aspheres, toric off-axis spheres and other free form surfaces, in plastics, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel and more.

Our solid-state piezoelectric actuation technology is demonstrating its precision and durability advantage by machining on a wide range of materials at spindle speeds up to 6,000 rpm.

Air Cooled with Temperature Monitoring
(Storage/Transport Temperatures: 18˚C to 65˚C)

Conduit Between Head/Control Chassis:
Length: 7m
Minimum Bend Radius: 6.5cm
(Power Cable + Sensor Cable)

Command Input:

Amplitude: -10 to 10 V Peak – Peak Max

Frequency: 2 – 20kHz

Input Power:
120 VAC 50 – 60Hz, 2.0kVA or 220 VAC Factory Set


            Tool Head Size: 14cm x 11.4cm x 5.7cm

            Tool Head Weight: 2.2kg

            Control Cabinet: 61cm x 61cm x 20.3cm

Contact lenses
  • Our fast tool servos are used to create drum molds that are integral to the production of contact lenses, as well as providing polishing and surface finishing.

Optical films
  • High speeds and precise control allow customers to rapidly create a wide variety of patterns and micro-lenses for use in numerous applications requiring optical quality performance.

  • Our FTS are ideal for the manufacturing of embossing for display and safety films (brightness enhancement and controlled reflectivity) and screens.

Powered by our proprietary Piezomotor®, our extremely reliable High-Travel FTS and Ultra-FTS are revolutionizing the manufacturing world by allowing companies to precisely machine micro features at speeds over 20,000 times a second on a wide range of materials, including brass, copper, nickel, aluminum and plastics.

Our Fast Tool Servos provide high-precision feedback and response rates and are some of the world's fastest ultra-precision machine tools available on the market. 

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