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Kinetic Ceramics has extensive experience designing, developing, and manufacturing piezoelectric system for some of the largest companies in the world.  Custom Engineering is at the heart of what we do on a daily basis - going back over our entire 60 year history.  From developing a piezoelectric driver for the world's first heart pump to our work with every major US automotive manufacturer, we help our customers realize to full potential of piezoelectric products for their advanced applications.


Piezoelectric actuators and devices generally provide superior performance when you have the following requirements:  

  • Precision movement at nanometer resolution

  • High force or high pressure in a small space

  • Very high rigidity and stiffness

  • No magnetic fields

  • Operation in extreme cold or vacuum

  • Best balance between drive voltage, current and capacitance

  • Fast speeds

  • Outstanding reliability

Kinetic Ceramics actuators have been successfully incorporated into a wide variety of custom applications such as:

  • Diesel and Gasoline Engine Fuel Injectors

  • Linear and Rotary Motors

  • Transmission fluid pumps

  • Micro Pumps

  • Fast Valves

  • Fast Beam Steering Mirrors

  • Optical Fiber Alignment Stages

  • Vibration Dampers

  • Ultra-precision Machine Tools

  • Nano Indentation Instruments

  • Ultrasonic Imaging Instruments

Kinetic Ceramics products have high resistance to micro cracking and electrical break down and offer very long life.  Our actuators have been tested to over 10 billion operating cycles without failure.

Contact us today if your application requires high reliability, high speed, high force, or precision movement.

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