Piezoelectric Elements

Kinetic Ceramics is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piezoelectric actuators. Beginning with basic powders and using a process perfected over 30 years, we manufacture a unique Lead Zirconate Titanate powder called PZWT-100.  Physics International, the predecessor to Kinetic Ceramics spent millions of dollars developing this formula in response to the poor performance of commercially available PZT materials.


Over the course of several programs, the company identified properties of interest in high-strain applications, analyzed the mechanisms of breakdown, and established target specifications for a desirable material and assembly methods.  The result of this program was PZWT-100, a material which surpasses the performance of all similar piezoelectric materials and can be consistently manufactured to greater than 99% of theoretical density.  

To our customers, this means that piezoelectric devices made from PZWT-100 are more reliable and can be consistently driven with higher field strengths than any other commercially available PZT material.  Our discs have successfully completed tests at field strengths over 270 Volts/mil and long-term reliability tests at field strengths over 100 Volts/mil.  


Strain values as high as 0.45% have been achieved in laboratory tests - An energy density 4x the current maximum value.

piezo discs, piezoelectric elements

In addition to our standard size discs, Kinetic Ceramics has the equipment and experience to manufacture piezoelectric elements in almost any shape or size.  Our processing capabilities include: machining, pressing, firing, shaping, poling, testing, and assembling piezoelectric ceramics and piezo devices. 

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