Solid-State Pumps

Kinetic Ceramics' patented Solid-State Pumps (SSP) are the most powerful compact pumps ever built. Powered by our proprietary Piezomotor®, no other pump comes close to matching their size, precision and reliability. By using only a single moving part, our systems have no bearings, no dynamics seals, and require no lubrication.

Solid-State Pump Specifications

Output pressures up to
10,000 psi


Flow rates up to
5 liters/minute


Our flexible solid-state piezo pumps are positive displacement pumps, which use a solid metal diaphragm or reciprocating piston, and can support various industries by delivering both high pressure and high flow systems. Currently, our solid-state pumps are being used in the following sectors:

  • Industrial

  • Oil & Gas

  • Aerospace and Aviation

  • Transportation

  • Medical

Solid-State Pump Features
  • Power: Highest power density of any piezoelectric pump in its class

  • Reliability: Used and tested through more than 2 trillion cycles

  • Precision: Response times of less than a millisecond

  • Efficiency: Operates at more than 60% power efficiency

  • Minimal Operating Expenses: Low power consumption and minimal maintenance

  • Resiliency: Functions in environments ranging from cryogenic to 200˚C

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